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Links Worth Sharing #3

February 9, 2018Nebula


In this week edition: Decentralization, Ambiant, Streaming and the responsible music fan dilemma, society as imagined by tech bros, facing alcoholism, futuristic jewelry, and animal maths. Enjoy!

  1. ℹ️ The decentralization movement is well explained in this Guardian article: The punk rock internet – how DIY rebels are working to replace the tech giants.
  2. ? Some dark electronic vibe by Sophia Loizou . I recommend you list to her excellent ambiant album from 2016.
  3. ℹ️ How to be a responsible music fan? Damon Krukowski explains the problem with the current revenue model for independent music creators.
  4. ℹ️ Is this the society we really want? A critic on the cashierless AmazonGo stores.
  5. ℹ️ My name is David Flink, I’m a leader in tech, and I’m an alcoholic.
  6. ?‍? Nora Fok’s inspiring futuristic jewelry.
  7. ? Humans have launched their heaviest rocket ever, deployed a car into orbit, and recovered two of three boosters. The car sound system will play David Bowie on loop.
  8. ℹ️ Many animals can count, and some better than you.

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