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Links Worth Sharing #6

March 2, 2018Nebula

Hey you,

Here are some links I think are worth sharing.

  1. ℹ️ Scientists are stunned. North Pole temperature are above 0ºC and the sun won’t rise until March 21.
  2. ℹ️ What’s more normal than worshippers with AR-15 rifles wearing crowns made of bullets? Everything.
  3. ? Seeing Depression or Anxiety only through the biomedical lens is wrong. Is Neoliberalism Making Our Depression and Anxiety Crisis Worse?.
  4. ? Mental health is produced socially: The presence or absence of mental health is above all a social indicator and therefore requires social, as well as individual, solutions. We need new ways of treating depression.
  5. ?‍? Bio-like robots which all parts are printed as one at once by Additive Manufacturing.
  6. ??‍? I couldn’t really explain what is a waveform until I read this. Let’s learn about Waveforms. (This link does not work in Firefox, open it in Safari or Chrome).
  7. ?‍???‍? How would you use Bitcoin as a display of wealth?
  8. ? I dig the hip-hop vibes from Rejjie Snow’s latest album Dear Annie.

Thanks for reading!


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