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Links Worth Sharing #1

January 29, 2018Nebula


Here are some links I thought were worth sharing. I will post next issues on Friday.

  1. ℹ️ If like me you struggle with focusing, you might be interested in Creative Boom‘s interview of Jocelyn de Kwant on mindfulness, simple living and the art of creative flow.
  2. ? My friend Flore recommended me N.E.R.D.’s latest album and while I don’t love the entire album, there are some excellent tracks in it. You can also check out Flore’s Boiler Room set.
  3. ? If dark hip-hop is more your thing, you might like Majin Blobfish – I Know You Need It.
  4. ℹ️ Zeynep Tufekci on how Free Speech is being weaponized. Censorship is not about suppressing the message anymore, but making sure you access other messages instead.
  5. ??‍?Configuring nginx to serve a Symfony application under a subdirectory of another PHP application is non-trivial. Here is my solution.
  6. ℹ️ We can trick A.I. specialized in vision with psychedelic looking patches. We need more and more of that kind of work.
  7. ?? Depuis quelques années, le pâté-croûte est devenu un art gastronomique reconnu.
  8. ℹ️ Never get high on your own supply, or why Social Media bosses don’t use social media.
  9. ℹ️ Deep learning is now used to generate fake porn with real celebrities and also, the Internet being Internet, putting Nicolas Cage where he doesn’t belong.
  10. ℹ️ A fascinating read about how the Dutch provided intel about Russia’s interference in US elections.
  11. ?‍? How generative Music works.

Thanks for reading!


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