Nebula #26

Apr 06, 2019Nebula

Wisps Surrounding the Horsehead Nebula.Image Credit & Copyright: Mario Zauner

Hey there,

No introduction is the best kind of introduction, especially when I feel lazy.

  1. Want to see what automated state surveillance is? Go watch & read this interactive reporting on the New York Times: How China Turned a City into a Prison.
  2. South Korea hotel guests were secretly filmed and the footage were livrestreamed online.
  3. Operation Bernhard was an exercise by Nazi Germany to forge British bank notes. The initial plan was to drop the notes over Britain to bring about a collapse of the British economy during the Second World War.
  4. Spatial is a neat AR collaboration tool using Microsoft’s Hololens2. It looks like a killer app for distributed teams.
  5. Mark Burgess (the author of Promise Theory) released his new book Smart Spacetime. I insta-added it in my anti-library.
  6. Thanks to Benoit Jacquemont, I now understand better what is HTTP/3.