Links Worth Sharing #0

Jan 22, 2018Nebula


I am starting a new regular series on this blog, where I will post links I think are worth sharing. I intend to not focus on something special, but to share what I loved reading, listening, watching (and maybe even cooking!).

Without further ado, here is the number zero edition!

  1. Million Short, a search engine where you can filter results from the top 100, 1000, 10k, 100k, or million websites. Great stuff if you’re tired to get results from the same big players.
  2. I never watched Star Trek before, but I really enjoy watching Star Trek: Discovery.
  3. Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble. Beyond greed mania, there is a new infrastructure being built right now.
  4. If you’re into authentic soulful house music, Lakuti’s latest Resident Advisor podcast might be perfect for you.
  5. At POLAAR, our producers curated an opinionated playlist with the best tracks from 2017.
  6. Paul Bocuse has died, and it was a sad day for the cooking world.
  7. Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is growing fast.
  8. Zeynep Tufekci is always relevant and her stance on the current state of security in the tech world is a must read.
  9. I find myself enjoying more and more this kind of experimental album. A brilliant work, blending world music, electronic music, and interviews.

Thanks for reading!


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