2014’s inspirations

Dec 03, 2014Blog


Well the year isn’t over yet but I wanted to write down what inspired me in the past 12 months. Like you, I’m always looking around for interesting work to nourish my mind. Sign of times, I haven’t read many books. It’s been mostly an audio/video year. I watched a hell lot of TV though. Netflix doesn’t help in that matter… I’ve had a huge interest in comedy. I discovered the american alt-comedy scene and have been struck by their creativity and blunt thoughts.

Stand-Up specials

TV Shows

Once again, comedy was a central theme in my choices. I stopped watching other
shows that I won’t name here.


I watched other great movies than those present in this list, but I prefer to
keep it short.



This year was really interesting on the music side. I started buying vinyls
again and went back to my turntables. I discovered really good house and techno
tracks, but in the end I prefer to list these indie bands.

Club Night

Laurent Garnier at Stereo Night Club in Montreal. This club has the best sound system. Period. Forget the clinical coldness of a Funktion One system. This one has a warm and beautiful
sound. Laurent Garnier did a good set, sticking perfectly to the club’s atmosphere.


I haven’t read much. Or not as much as I’d like. Or maybe too much. My whole days are spent reading stuff. Be it code, articles, emails, social medias. At the end of the day, I much prefer watching and listening than reading


Does this post need a conclusion? Naaah. You’ll do fine without.