I assure you, it’s open

Marc Weistroff 2011-10-02

Kids. Backuping your data is great. But assure you that your backups
also contain your database. I’ve lost all the posts of this blogs and
much more. Nothing to say that I was really pissed off.

I wanted to recreate this blog from scratch but got distract by other
things. After a few months of procrastinating and slapping myself for
not having a place to write, I found a great theme based on twitter
bootstrap for wordpress and decided to give it a go. I’m pretty happy
with that.

Let’s hope I’ll have the strength to write some interesting articles.

Oh, I’m currently concerned by twitter/facebook tracking on the web and
won’t add “tweet this” or “like” button but I will, for now, conserve
the Google analytics tracking script and the feedburner thingy.

P.S : The picture and the post’s title come from the awesome
Clerks and Clerks
movies. If you haven’t seen
them, it’s never too late.

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