Nebula #22

July 20, 2018 – Nebula

Rings Around the Ring Nebula by Hubble, Large Binocular Telescope, Subaru Telescope; Composition & Copyright: Robert Gendler

Humanity. What a weird bunch of biological individuals. We are able to travel space and time through electricity. We have so much medical knowledge that we can open our skull, remove a tumor attached to the brain, and still continue a healthy life. We are creative and dumb enough to fix our problems while creating unexpected new ones. We work hard to go to space, where it is one of the most hostile environments for our bodies. Why do we do that, when we can’t even agree collectively on what’s important? Well, I got no clue, but it’s fascinating to witness so much chaos.

  1. πŸ“Ί Sacha Baron Cohen is back with a new series called WHO IS AMERICA?. I can’t recommend this show highly enough!
  2. πŸ“Ί Simone Giertz, the queen of shitty robots, is back from brain surgery. Things I learn in this video: It costs more than 200K$ to have this kind of surgery in the US, you can hear air and fluids in your skull, and Simone can joke just after waking up from anesthesia.
  3. πŸ”‘ Amy Hoy reminisces on the good old days of personal homepages. She even states that the blog broke the web. I kinda agree with some of her points. Sometimes I also think that PageRank broke the web, but that’s another story.
  4. πŸ›  A cool DIY guide on how to create a portable boombox from a bookshelf speaker.
  5. πŸ” Researchers have found a way to produce images of people’s faces from their genomes. It’s just a start as the algorithm has a 50% to 80% rate of success. Crime shows are going to get very boring.
  6. πŸš€ Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin has successfully landed both booster and crew capsule after test launch. I hope to be able to see our planet from above with my own eyes one day.



Image Credit: Rings Around the Ring Nebula by Hubble, Large Binocular Telescope, Subaru Telescope; Composition & Copyright: Robert Gendler.

Nebula #21

July 13, 2018 – Nebula

LL Ori and the Orion Nebula by  NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team

For Marshall McLuhan in 1964, it was clear that electricity was a way for humans to externalize their nervous system. I’ve yet to grasp how he could be so prescient. While his main lesson remains “Medium is the message”, we are far from being able to understand what societal transformations we will live.

  1. πŸ”‘ 3D printed guns are a reality since a few years. 3D printed assault rifles are a reality now. It’s now legal in the USA to provide digital files to 3D print guns (this is considered as free speech). These rifles are of course unregistered and untraceable.
  2. πŸ”‘ Any data is just a number (Big or small). If any data is illegal, it means that the number is illegal. Can a number really be illegal?
  3. πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» The Free Speech Flag was created by John Marcotte in 2007. It was a subtle way to propagate the cryptographic key used for copying HD DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.
  4. πŸ”‘ The 0,1% is afraid that the apocalypse is coming. They are so afraid that they don’t know how they’re gonna protect themselves from their own employees. This surrealist meeting lived by Douglas Rushkoff is a must read.
  5. πŸ”‘ Since the American election in 2016, We all know that social networks are heavily used by political forces to influence the mass. This article by a French hacker uncovers foreign trolls trying to influence French elections on Twitter.
  6. πŸ” Twitter leaks so much metadata that it is possible to identify anonymous users with a 96.7% accuracy.
  7. ℹ️ A reminder of how cool tech is when it is inclusive: Apple’s AirPods and Live Listen are a revolution for the hearing impaired.
  8. πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨ The mechanical keyboard hype is raging. People are so enamored with their keyboards that they are willing to pay for artisan made keycaps. You have to admit, these are beautiful keycaps.
  9. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» A real browser in the terminal? Yes, please!



Image Credit:LL Ori and the Orion Nebula by NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team.

Nebula #20

July 6, 2018 – Nebula

Pillars of the Eagle Nebula in Infrared by  NASA, ESA, Hubble, HLA; Processing: LluΓ­s Romero


  1. ℹ️ The German police raided homes of β€žZwiebelfreundeβ€œ privacy activists this week. Reasons are dubious to say the least.
  2. 🎧 Martyn’s new album β€ŽVoids is out on Ostgut Ton. I love his music.
  3. πŸ”‘ Protecting cryptocurrencies correctly is hard. This talk about “Building Crypto Castles” raises interesting points about new security models coming with the Information Age.
  4. πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» Cryptocurrencies is not only about money. It is also about rare digital collectibles. Collectibles can be purchased on specialized marketplaces like OpenSea or Known Origin. Technically, collectibles are defined by the ERC-721 standard. Don’t know how to code? Don’t worry, the fine people of Smartz provide free smart-contract code.
  5. πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨ Crypto-collectibles are huge opportunities for digital-minded artists as they can help expand Patronage Collectibles for Creators.
  6. πŸ“ΊπŸ‡«πŸ‡· La nouvelle saison d’Au Service De La France est disponible sur Arte+7. C’est du bonheur! Jean-FranΓ§ois Halin prouve encore qu’il est un des meilleurs auteurs comiques FranΓ§ais.

A bientΓ΄t,


Image Credit: Pillars of the Eagle Nebula in Infrared byΒ NASA, ESA, Hubble, HLA; Processing: LluΓ­s Romero.


Nebula #19

June 30, 2018 – Nebula

NGC 6960: The Witch’s Broom Nebula by  Martin Pugh (Heaven’s Mirror Observatory)

Hello you,

The digital age we enter is full of promises and new-found dangers. Our brains are given unique possibilities to learn and create everyday. They are also constantly under attack. Rogue companies trick our brain chemicals for profit. Just like fast-food is engineered for elevated levels of sugar and fat, information delivery is engineered to provide dopamine hits. As our brain is dedicated to information processing, we have to be aware of what gets in. In the context of our brain, Brillat-Savarin’s aphorism also rings true: “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are”.

  1. πŸ”‘ We live in a hyper-personalized digital world. The more data you give to companies, the more tailored your experience with their product will be. Is this a fair balance of power? Terence Eden’s doesn’t think so: Personalisation is Asymmetric Psychological Warfare.
  2. ⚑️ The Lightning Network aims to fix the scaling problem with Bitcoin. If it reaches further adoption, it will revolutionize the entire payment experience on the internet. This excellent post covers the User Experience of the Lightning Network while this one gives more technical information about routing payments through multiples nodes.
  3. ⚑️ People are building stuff on the Lightning Network. Check out Satoshi Place, a mix between The Million Dollar Homepage and Reddit Place.
  4. πŸ€– Do you want to have home-made Indian Food at home but are too busy to even take time to cook? The MechanicalChef is here for you! Not for me though, I love cooking. The video is impressive and hilarious at the same time. We’re far away from kitchen automation.
  5. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» What if you had your own open-source self-hosted version of IFTTT? That’s what Huginn wants to be. It’s still a bit rough on the UX side, but has great features and a promising future!
  6. πŸ”‘ This post from Paul Graham about cities and ambition raise good points about how a city’s dominant culture influences its economic power. According to him, Paris is style-focused, NYC is money-focused, and Silicon Valley is… power-focused. Surprising, heh?
  7. 🎧 This festival in the South of France is now on my watch list. Pointu Festival gives a hell of a line-up, in a dream location, for free.
  8. πŸ“Ί Netflix released a new documentary series that immerses viewers in the artists, makers, designers, players and coders who are revolutionizing the new digital worlds through screens all around us. Watch at least the first episode!

Speak soon,


Image Credit & Copyright: Martin Pugh (Heaven’s Mirror Observatory)

Nebula #18

June 22, 2018 – Nebula

Rigel and the Witch Head Nebula by Mario Cogo (Galax Lux)

In case you lived under a rock for the past few weeks, let me break the news for you: a 72 year old man separates children from their parents and locks them up in internment camps. Sometimes it’s really hard not to think this world is completely fucked up. We take borders as granted. But it’s only our current way of organizing us as human that make borders. The question is here: How should we organize ourselves to collectively achieve a higher level of freedom? I think the web was one answer, but is now ultimately working against us. I now hope a greater privacy and decentralization movement will help us in our quest.

1. πŸ“Ί Back in the days, the US War Department released educational video to tell Americans not to fall for fascist rhetoric. It was in 1943, and Donald Trump wasn’t born at that time.

2. πŸ“– Have you read the Discworld? No ? You want to but you don’t know where to start? Here’s the Discworld Reading Order Guide 3.0 !

3. ❀️ Food is one of the most powerful link between cultures and people. I had the chance to eat at a restaurant participating in the Refugee Food Festival. There might be an edition in your town. And if there isn’t one, you can organize one in your city thanks to their methodology kit.

4. πŸ˜‚ The Onion has declared war on Mark Zuckerberg and it’s SAVAGE.

5. 🎧 Get your fix of soulful abstract hip-hop with Alone Together by Karriem Riggins.



Image credit: Rigel and the Witch Head Nebula by Mario Cogo (Galax Lux)

Nebula #17

June 15, 2018 – Nebula

The Cat’s Eye Nebula from Hubble


This week edition is quite small but contains a massive article on Artificial Intelligence. Take your time to read it. The world is changing fast, and it’s only the beginning! People in the future will look at us like we look at the middle-age people.

  1. πŸ”‘ Ian Hogarth (creator of Songkick) wrote an essay on AI Nationalism. This is a must read on how AI will shape states and nations. He believe that AI should become a global public good with governance mechanics that reflect the interests of all countries and people.
  2. πŸ” Always remember that AI feeds on data. Here’s a list of alternatives to Google Products.
  3. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» What did Earth look like hundreds of millions of years ago? Ancient Earth globe answers that question! You can also put your address and see where it mapped on ancien Earth. Fun!
  4. 🎧 I’ve updated my Best Of FIP playlist! Enjoy some smooth tunes.

Happy reading,


Image Credit: The Cat’s Eye Nebula from Hubble by NASA, ESA, HEIC, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)